Special Orders

What are special order?

Shop in Wonderland offers a special ordering system if you would like a specific item from a fashion brand (i.e. Angelic Pretty, Metamorphose, Putumayo, Triple Fortune, Atelier Boz) that may not be available for purchase in the Shop in Wonderland shop. Placing a special order would allow you to order an item straight from Japan through Shop in Wonderland with a fraction of the cost in shipping.

How does it work?

If you find an item you wish to order from the Japanese online shop of the brands we offer, you can get in touch with Shop in Wonderland to place a special order. Once you fill out the form for your special order and payment is completed, Shop in Wonderland will place the order for you and have your special order shipped to us. Once shipment is complete you may choose whether to receive the item personally or through our delivery service.

What can I special order?

You may place a special order on any time that is available on the Japanese online shop of the brands.

How do I special order?

Please fill out the form and email to info@shopinwonderland.com

If you wish to order another unique item, please fill out another separate form.






Phone number:


Item name:


Item link:






How do I pay?

Shop in Wonderland offers three options to choose from to complete the purchase of your special order.

  • In Store Payment, you can visit us during business hours
  • Phone Payment, (832) 667-8990 call us during business hours
  • By custom link on our online shop. To create a custom link to purchase online please contact Shop in Wonderland during business hours.

All sales are final. No returns, exchanges or cancellations will be accepted in store or online.

How do I receive my special order?

Shop in Wonderland offers two options to choose from to receive their order.

  • In store pick-up, you can visit us during business hours
  • By delivery, Shop in Wonderland offers to deliver your special order with an additional shipping fee

For more information about our delivery process please refer to our Shipping and Returns page.