​Shop In Wonderland’s First Workshop: Coordinating for Summer!

Posted by The White Rabbit on Jun 8th 2016


On Sunday, May 29th we hosted our first ever workshop!

The theme was “Coordinating for Summer” and was filled with all sorts of tips and tricks to stay fresh and (quite literally) cool in the hot Summer weather.

As guests began to arrive, we mingled and got to know each other a bit more by chatting about our outfits, who liked what brand, what their favorite style of J-fashion was, what was new and coming out soon and so on. Seeing everyone’s enthusiasm about a common love was simply amazing!

Shortly after, we began the workshop!

We started off with a colorful presentation slideshow about the various aspects of a Summer wardrobe. Everything from neat tips and tricks to beat the heat to the latest fashion trends for the season and even some fun outings you can do or host with friends and family!

Next on the agenda was a fun and interactive hands on activity!

We wanted to put what everyone learned to the test and exercise their creativity a bit by having them team up and put together a full summer themed coordinate.

The catch? We had already pre-selected one article of clothing for them to base their outfits off of! We numbered each mannequin and had the teams randomly draw a number for their challenge.

The teams had to work together to collaborate and create not only a full summer coordinate, but to name their outfit as well as create a scenario in which their outfit would be worn and present them. 

Chardonae's team was given the Angelic Pretty Pearl Necklace Style Cutsew as their challenge piece and paired it with the Putumayo Pleated Ruffle Skirt. Such a sweet and chocolately combination!

Even the mom's got involved! Miranda's team, along with her mom, Jennifer, chose some awesome pieces for their Ouji inspired summer outfit. Including the Putumayo Chiffon Stand Collar Blouse and accessorizing it with the Putumayo Pearl Belt.

There were so many creative takes and ideas. I think even the teachers became the students at this point. Hehe.

This team was given the Victorian Maiden Adele Bustier Sleeveless Dress as their challenge piece and created a classic summer outfit with the Victorian Maiden Frill Ribbon Corsage and mixing it up with Angelic Pretty Classic Fairy Tales Over the knee Socks.

After the presentations were done, it was about time for us to wrap things up. 

But not before we had a little surprise for everyone! 

Our boutique owner, Deneice Leigh, presented each participant with their own personalized Certificate of Completion and I with a cute teat bag in celebration of our first workshop.

We then announced an exciting Certificate Collection Program where one can collect at least 3 Certificates of Completion and be entered into a drawing for a full coordinate at our grand end of the year party in December! (keep an eye and ear out for more information on this later! It's going to be awesome!)

But the appreciation didn't stop there! Each person was given a special workshop discount to use on their purchase in our store that day as a thanks for attending.

After all was said and done, we spoke of our gratitude towards everyone in attendance and announced the theme and date of our next workshop. Then we all proceeded to mingle, take photos and of course, shop! 

Our first workshop had been a major success and before the event was even over we were already eager to host our next one! 

We hope you'll join us in our next Workshop: Basics of Starting a Wardrobe!. There is sure to be lots of exciting events in store for each!