Live a life full of passion!

Posted by The Cheshire Cat on May 20th 2016

Being surrounded by people that are passionate about what they do is a blessing, but in order for them to get there it required a path of self exploration. There is no guide or handbook to finding your passion, but perhaps we can help you understand better...

5 Steps to live a life of passion

1. We are all passionate about something

Tracy came very early that morning to the Shop. Pursuing her passion, a career in modeling and acting, we were willing to help her out by providing the clothing for her next job, an “Alice in Wonderland” themed photo shoot with the setting taking place at the Public Art Installation by Amanda Parer: INTRUDER. So we sat down and talked about our collaboration with her.

We decided to dress her up in a gorgeous Metamorphose coordinate and then headed off into downtown Houston to meet with Josh Ortiz, the mastermind behind this photo shoot idea.

I was a mere spectator at that moment. Watching how the theme of passion was everywhere: passion about modeling, photography, art and of course fashion.

I realized that we all are passionate about something, we just need to find out what it is.

2. You don’t find passion, passion finds you

It took me 30 years of my life to figure it out that Japanese fashion was my passion. It started as a hobby and now I can proudly say I enjoy making a living out of it. But for Amanda Parer, the artist behind INTRUDER, her passion comes also with a message:

“In my artwork I aim to raise questions about the natural world and our place within it.”

- Photography by Josh Ortiz

As a native from Australia, Amanda knows the severe damage rabbits had caused to Australia’s ecosystem over the years and it was encountering this problem that fueled her passion for awareness.

- Photography by Josh Ortiz

Keep your eyes, ears and hearts wide open, recognize when passion is knocking on your door.


3. Explore the world

The photo shoot had ended. Tracy and I decided to take a walk around the downtown area. It was her first time wearing Japanese fashion in public and people's reaction to her was overwhelming. She was the generator of turning heads, cameras clicking, big smiles and some occasional shouting, “You look adorable!”

“We imagined a princess has both of beauty and cuteness and everybody admires her.” - Said Taira, Metamorphose’s Designer when we asked her about what was the inspiration behind her series Majestic Princess.

Trying new things is key to finding your passion. Remember that you have the entire world waiting for you.


4. Take action!

There is power in action. We were passing by the Houston Metropolitan Research Center and the classic architecture had captivated my eye. Next thing I knew, we were going inside to take more pictures!

In a study conducted back in 2013, a nurse, Bronnie Ware, found that many of her patients with terminal illnesses regretted just one thing in life: not taking action on the things they wanted. In the end of our lives we regret heavily on the things we never did.

5. Patience young Padawan

As Yoda said, patience you must have! Finding your passion is not an A,B, C process. The journey might lead you to take detours and counter intuitive experiences. But rest assured, if it’s something you truly desire, you will arrive at your destination.

After everything was finished, we decided to celebrate with two very sweet, cold and caffeinated drinks. As we sat there in silence, we could feel our hearts full to the brim with the joy and content of doing what we loved.