How to Determine your J-Fashion Style

Posted by The White Rabbit on Jun 2nd 2016

The ultimate question when you enter into any kind of fashion, regardless of nature, is always: “What is my style?”

But before you go about determining that- first, you have to ask yourself: “What is style?”

Allow me to expand on that some: style is something that defines your nature, personality and who you are as a person all by how you act and what you choose to wear on day to day basis. To know your style also means to know who you are. And this works equally, vice versa.

Marc Jacobs once said, “To me, clothing is a form of self-expression - there are hints about who you are in what you wear.”

Bambi is wearing a Boystyle fashion from Putumayo: Rotten Frames Pullover HoodieClockwork Stretch Pants and Crown Trump Chain Belt

And he’s right. They say clothing is one of the ultimate art forms. It can say so much without saying anything at all. Regardless of whether or not you can paint, draw, sketch, create music, or what have you, if you can wear clothes, you are an artist. An artist depicting a story about yourself with nothing other than your very outfit and how you choose to present and carry yourself.

So you say you like J-Fashion? Let’s delve a little deeper together and I’ll guide you in the ways of establishing your style!

There are many different styles out there.

J-Fashion has many, many different sub-styles within it. The influences within the fashion are drawn from all different eras and cultures throughout time. Whether it’s Lolita, Boystyle, Gyaru, Elegant Goth or Fairy-Kei, just to scratch the surface, there is surely something that appeals to the various types of personalities out there.

Your personality isn’t a one size fits all and neither is your style. It’s all about choosing what your heart and desires gravitate towards most. Do you like the punky look of Boystyle or Visual-Kei? Do you like the delicateness and nostalgia of Loita? Or maybe you prefer something more fun and colorful like Fairy-Kei? J-Fashion is all about being YOU. You never have to conform to something “normal” or “popular”.

The sky is truly the limit!

Victoria is wearing a Fairy-Kei style featuring Angelic Pretty Melty Chocolate Shoes, Metamorphose Candy Ribbon Over the Knee Socks and Putumayo Midnight Black Cat Circus Skirt

Victoria's cute lace jacket is Angelic Pretty's Big Ribbon Pocket Parka

I highly encourage you to explore any style that you find suiting and then some.

Style can surprise you in many ways. Sometimes you don’t quite know yet what really interests you or perhaps you are still on the journey to find yourself. And that’s okay. Many have found themselves through fashion alone. Defining your style can also define who you are or who you want to be. And don’t ever be afraid to recreate yourself. J-Fashion is often times a bit more eye-catching than most styles, but never let that stop you. Wear your confidence like a second skin and embrace it. Let it show everyone who you are.

So go ahead, dare to be who you want!

So how do I choose what my J-Fashion style is?

Well, this is where it gets really simple. Wear what you want. It’s simply a display of your personality. Whenever I step into my closet, I am overcome with ideas and inspiration. I love to play with my clothing and create something unique that embodies who I am. Some days I feel edgy and cool while on other days I feel really feminine and girly, but the best part is that I am able to create my own look and tweak it to fit my mood and personality. To me, nothing feels better than being complimented on my outfit when I go out. Because when that happens, you aren’t just being complimented on your outfit, but also your creativity, character and your style. (Not to mention, it’s a real confidence booster! Hehe.)

Katie is wearing a Classic Victorian Lolita style featuring Victorian Maiden Rococo Bouquet Tiered Ribbon Sleeveless DressLace Ribbon Puff Sleeve Blouse paired with Metamorphose's C/L Leaning Ribbon Bag

J-Fashion can seem a bit overwhelming with its many personalities. But in actuality, that’s the beauty of it. The freedom to create and be whatever and whoever you want.

When choosing your style, you’re choosing what defines you best and what portrays your personality most vividly through what you wear and how you act. Let it showcase who you are. Ask yourself these basic questions:

  1. What colors do I like most?
  2. What type of clothing or accessories do I wear most? Dresses? Pants? Hats?
  3. Do I have any hobbies that influence the clothing I find appealing?

A lot of our style comes from the things we encounter in our everyday life. It can be anything from colors to hobbies or even our very mood and outlooks on life. Once you have these things determined, building your wardrobe will be a piece of cake. Hence, you have figured out your style.

Have you decided?

If you already lay claim to a style in particular, embrace it! It’s who you are. Have fun with it and let it be your trademark.

Even if you don’t already have a specific style that you claim, don’t fret. Continue to explore the different sub-fashions within J-Fashion and keep playing around with it until you find something that suits you. Try something sweet like the popular lolita brand Angelic Pretty or maybe something a bit more punk like boystyle brand Putumayo. Your style should come natural. When someone looks at you and your clothing, they can get a glimpse of who you are without even having a conversation with you. Even in the way you stand or sit or the way you hold your purse or briefcase can provide a lot of information about you.

So what's the take away from all of this? 

Dress according to yourself and simply be who you are or if you are still trying to piece that together, who you envision you want to be. Let your style speak and tell your story. Whether it’s loudly, quietly, bubbly or edgy, let it be heard!