Find Your Gothic Beauty in Our September Workshop

Posted by Nekosuki on Oct 16th 2016

Find Your Gothic Beauty in Our September Workshop

What a way to bring this dusty blog back to life than to look back at our recent “Find Your Gothic Beauty” Workshop!

How do you find your own Gothic Beauty?

In our “Find Your Gothic Beauty” Workshop we focused more on how to bring the confidence and outside sources to bring forth your inner Gothic Beauty!

We strayed away from addressing a 3-step formula for how to be Goth, but rather give the advice to step up your goth game:

1. Be comfortable with what you are wearing~

If you cannot possess the confidence in your outfit then it will show! Remember that fashion is not all about buying expensive pieces. We taught our attendees how to find accessories on a budget, here are some examples:

UNIF Dame Choker $48.00

FOREVER21 Faux Leather Cross Choker $4.90

FOREVER21 Ornate Cross Necklace $5.90

I personally recomend these goth accessories from our shop too: 

Metamorphose Antique Ring $18.95

Elements, H. Short Lace Gloves $44.95

Metamorphose Gothic Cross NecklaceMetamorphose Gothic Cross Necklace $22.95

2. You got to work with what you got!

Accentuate when you are proud of! Is it your luscious curves? Sexy Legs? Show it off in your outfit!

I personally always felt self-cautious about my monolids, so I always strive to have my eye makeup pop out the most out of my look while still flowing my inner goth.

Cindy here accentuates her curves by wearing a high waisted skirt to give off an hourglass-like figure in this Lolita-esqued coordinate~

3. You make the outfit, not the outfit itself!

Without its model, that dress is just some fabric.

Owning your outfit is all that matters. If you cannot be confident under your own outfit, then no one can appreciate you at your finest!

We split the attendees to groups and assign each a random accessory from the presentation to create an outfit to match.

The winning outfit embodies PUTUMAYO! You can find the entire look on our online shop!

Our guest Ms. Kayleigh, who has come to showcase her makeup skills, picks a winning team with the best look and a lucky girl to give a gothic makeover!

With the accessories we used in the mini game, we raffle them off into goodie bags that come with Shop in Wonderland gift cards!

Seeing everyone appreciating the art of Gothic fashion and J-fashion in general is always an amazing experience! If you happen to miss out on the Gothic workshop, then there is nothing to worry about since we will be having 2 more workshops this year! Look out for more on our Facebook page and newsletter!

Also to see more about what goes on in Wonderland and about the Wonderland Staff, remember to tune in on our Facebook Live Stream, "Monday in Wonderland," every Monday at 2:30pm!

Our entries for the Shop in Wonderland Blog will begin again weekly on Sundays~ <3

Have you brought out your Gothic Beauty?