Confidence in Atelier Boz

Posted by The Madhatter on May 25th 2016

As a popular saying goes, “Clothes do not define the person, it's who you are inside that really matters.” However, people wear what they wear for a reason; to look and feel empowered. The material draped on their body is what they pick on a daily basis to allow a first impression to others, and because this is what makes them feel confident.

What to wear?

While I was closing up the shop with my two managers, we were discussing what to wear for the next day's promotional shoot. I said I didn’t mind wearing whatever brand assigned to me so long as it wasn’t Sweet Lolita, due to the fact I don’t feel comfortable wearing sweet style. I assumed Putumayo will be chosen for me since I’ve worn and modeled in Putumayo for the past couple of years. When my manager picked up Boz for me to wear, I was shocked.


When the shock subsided, a new wave of relief and excitement went through me. I was beaming when the other manager agreed, and said, "Boz looks great on her.” If only they knew how amazing Boz made me feel.

They decided to put me in the lucky pack Boz had sent over during Anime Matsuri 2016 to promote the pack and what an amazing deal it was. I couldn’t wait until the next morning to actually model in Atelier Boz.

The Discovery of Boz

I fell in love with the Gothic, Victorian styling of Boz back in the Fall of 2014 when it was first introduced to me during a fashion show tea party Anime Matsuri held. All the elegance and boldness that radiates from the clothes was what I desired, and what I wanted to capture, yet I lacked the spirit to wear it. People around me were also discouraging me because I was either too short or had too much of a baby face to pull off Boz.

I didn’t dare to wear it. That is, until I met the Atelier Boz Designer, Shiva. Like her clothes, she exudes elegance, mystery, and most of all, confidence. She was both intimidating but striking to be around. Shiva is a beautiful example of a woman I want to be one day. Two years later, I made my first Boz purchase.

What’s Boz?

Confidence needs to be built up from a strong foundation and the designer, Shiva, has built her collection from the ground up with a purpose in mind. That purpose became clear through her designs for the wearer to look strong, fearless, and powerful. There’s nothing old fashioned about this particular brand, she merely rewrote it.

I am wearing a full coordinate by Atelier Boz, Blouse, Jabbot, Jacket and Skirt are part of the Special Lucky Pack.


As I step out to follow the photographer to where the shoot would be, it brought back memories when I first wore Boz in public.

I was meeting up with my boyfriend at a restaurant. As I stepped out, there were stares, whispers, and giggles. But something about the clothes I was in, cancelled out all of the insecurities that were creeping up. I felt confidence come over me with each step I took and the compliments by others I was receiving began to empower me.

Every pose I make each time the camera clicks, I remembered back to that night. Feeling beautiful and confident, I am truly happy to have found a style that gave me such an emotion. Atelier Boz is amazing and elegant in so many ways. I can now carry confidence over to whatever I decide to wear because I know I won’t ever be bothered by the whispers and stares.

“The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence.” - Blake Lively

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