Come down to the Rabbit hole!

Posted by Shop in Wonderland on Feb 15th 2014

Come down to the Rabbit hole!

Everyone has the desire to be unique and express themselves. We all love to say what we think, what we feel, believe, like and dislike. We see before we hear, that is why Fashion is a powerful way to express yourself to the world without even speaking a word.

That is why we put all our effort and knowledge into bringing the uniqueness of Japanese Street Fashion to our home country and we want to share it with everyone.

We dare you to be different

Well, you see, in the world of Wonderland, there are an abundant of unique characters – both whimsical and fun, also some of them are mad –, a perfect way to describe Japanese fashion. Out of the ordinary, we are a shop that carries the extraordinary, thus Shop in Wonderland was born.

Where does the magic come from?

Japanese street fashion also known as Harajuku fashion, have a wide variety of colors, patterns, styles and unique designs that give anyone of all ages the ability to express their personal style and character. Since Japanese fashion has such a large spectrum of ideas and clothes, giving it one definition is nearly impossible.

The brands you see at the shop are Japanese brands we work closely to give you the opportunity to experience their creations:

We also feature pop up brands, this month we have: Atelier Boz, Victorian Maiden and Triple Fortune. We’re always in the search for new styles to bring to our shop.

Follow us in this journey

Thank you for reading our first blog entry, every Thursday morning you’ll find a new entry with new exciting and interesting information about the world of Japanese Street Fashion, Japanese brands, beauty, lifestyle and the promotions and events in Shop in Wonderland.

Are you ready!? Follow us down, down to the Rabbit hole: