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February is upon us and everyone knows what that means: Valentine's Day. Whether you’re getting a gift for a significant other a close friend or yourself, Shop in Wonderland has you covered! Here are some amazing offers we have for the Valentine's season!

  • Lucky Packs

If you want to get your darling a special coordinate for the occasion, the Lucky Packs are just for you! We have two different types of packs which contain a set inside! Our “Sweetheart” pack for $150 and our “All Mine” pack for $180 are a great way to get a hand-picked style sure to look good on any charming Lolita!

  • Gift Cards & Online Certificates

For those unsure of what to get their fabulous J-Fashionista, our gift cards (In-Store) and online certificates are the perfect gift. They can be obtained both online and in-store and will include complimentary wrapping and a special note!

  • In-Store Events

If you want to do something more than just giving, Shop in Wonderland is having not just one, but two in-store events! Be sure to drop by on the 11th and 12th of February for some fashionable fun!

  • Giveaways

For those with luck on their side, Shop in Wonderland is having two giveaways this Valentine's season! Keep an eye on our Social Media to participate.

  • Clearance Deals

Along with our regular Valentine's specials, we have a clearance deal going on. If you know your special someone has been hunting for the perfect piece, be sure to check it out since your ideal gift may be right there!


Wonderland will be sending love all over the US so even if you aren’t near don’t hesitate to order! Be sure to make all orders before February 12 to ensure delivery by the 14th. All special Valentine's orders over $50 USD will come with free shipping. At the end of the order you can also select special wrapping and your own note to include with the gift. Have a happy season of love!


Your friends at Shop in Wonderland.

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